Here are some frequently asked questions about the CSA contact number.

How do I apply for child maintenance?

You can apply for child maintenance by contacting your local CSA office.

What information do I need to supply when I apply?

When you apply, you must provide your National Insurance number and bank account, as well as details about the child you are applying for including the full names of their mother and father.

How long will my application take to process?

You will usually get a response from the service managing your claim within 12 weeks.

How is child maintenance paid?

Child maintenance is paid in a number of ways. It can be paid directly to the receiving parent if both parents agree, by direct debit or directly from the paying parents earnings in the same way as tax.

Which changes do I need to report to the CSA?

Depending on whether you are the receiving or the paying parents, you will need to report changes such as: moving house, a different phone number, employment changes, a rise in income of 25% or more, if your child leaves full time education below A-level and changes to your benefits.